Last modified
November 7, 2022

How to trade crypto leveraged signals

Trade a signal from one of our signal groups with us, step-by-step.

Signup for a CP Signals trial

For the sake of this guide, we will use our VIP subscription plan which has access to all our signal groups.

Head to the CP Signals pricing page and click the red "Start Trial" button, this will redirect you to our membership page where you can start your 3-day free trial (no credit card required) then follow the signup steps.

CP Signals sign up process
— CP Signals sign up process

Authorize Discord

After completing the signup steps you will be redirected to a "Thank You" page on our website where there are a few more steps to follow to connect your Discord account to our Discord server where you will then receive access to all our content (assuming you selected VIP).

CP Signals thanks for subscribing page
— CP Signals thanks for subscribing page

Click the "Authorize our Bot" button and a new Discord window should open where you can authorize your discord account with our discord server. Our membership bot handles this process, which automatically gives (or removes) your VIP role depending on your membership status.

After completing this process you will be invited to our Discord server and have the role you have signed up for (in this case VIP)

Screenshot of CP Signals' Discord server
— Screenshot of CP Signals' Discord server

Discord Server Explanation

Our server is divided into multiple sections, Information, Trading Lounges, Chats, Free Tier, Premium Tier & VIP Tier. As a VIP member, you will be able to see all of our sections (Please note: I have closed the signal sections as there are too many channels to fit on the screen for clarity purposes).

Information Section:

There are a few important channels in the information section such as the announcement, readme & disclaimer channel. These channels further clarify things in the Discord server and help us control things easier. You can also provide us with suggestions for potential improvements or add-ons to our Discord server or Signal group in general in the suggestions channel.

Trading Lounges:

Currently, there are three different trading lounges where VIP-only members can communicate with each other and talk about potential trades. These channels are hidden for non VIP members, so you can voice-chat freely amongst other VIP members.


The chats section is partly private to VIP members, the general & profits chat are both available to all CP Signals members, but the other three are private where you can discuss your personal trades, ongoing positions or technical analyses.

Trading a Signal

Trading a leveraged crypto signal is actually quite simple and you only need Discord & your trading exchange open. We personally use Binance Futures so that's what we will use to showcase "How to trade Leveraged Crypto Signals"

The best way to trade a signal is right when it gets announced in one of the provider channels, as you have the best shot to get the given entry price. I have just received a Discord notification that a new signal has come up.

Signal example from Future x125 VIP
— Signal example from Future x125 VIP

Now it is time to enter into this position with the correct instructions given by the provider.

  • Entry Price: 453
  • Leverage: 20x (Optional)
  • Target Price: 459,805419
  • Stop Loss: 439,80583
  • Capital Invested: 2% (Optional)
Setting the COMP trade in Binance Futures
— Setting the COMP trade in Binance Futures

Step 1: Enter the Entry Price (453) and your investment size (we have blocked our size due to privacy reasons)

Step 2: Enter in the Target Price (TP) & Stop Loss (SL) (Learn how to set Advanced TPs/SLs)

Step 3: View your Exit & Stop Profit and Loss (PnL), after viewing this it gives you a good insight if this signal is worth the risk. (We have tested this with ~$50 margin)

Rounding things up

Now it is time to wait for the signal to play out, we highly recommend avoiding emotions as entries are never perfect, so you could start the trade with a small loss and end up with your exit profit. We hope you learned something from this guide.